Proteins are widely distributed in variable amounts in plant and animal tissues used for food. The properties of proteins and the effects of processing and preparing them are of particular importance in food products containing protein as one of the ingredients. Read the following articles and make your own note or mind map. I have also prepared a few questions to help you identify salient points about protein as food ingredient.

  • Picking Out Proteins - this article describes the various types of plant and animal proteins typically used as food ingredient
  • Mixing Up High Protein Beverages - Informative article describing the use of protein ingredients to formulate high protein beverages. A lot of useful information about protein nutritional quality and about strategies to develop new beverage. Make sure you click "next page" at the bottom of the article because it runs to several pages.
  • Concentrating on whey protein isolate - "Not so long ago, whey was considered a valueless cheese byproduct that was used as animal feed. However, food researchers have discovered the protein component has a high nutritional value and provides a range of functional properties that prove valuable in a number of food applications: dairy, bakery, meat, snack, confectionery, beverages, and other food and nutritional products" (from Food Product Design). Read on...
  • Using Dairy Proteins to Cut Fats, to Boost Protein - "Even as some consumer groups continue to berate dairy products for their high fat content, dairy proteins are emerging as important functional ingredients in reduced- or low-fat foods. Ironically, they give food designers the added advantage of a natural profile for a clean ingredient legend" (from Food Product Design). Read on...

video-icon.jpgVideo on demand - These are collection of recorded presentation on Prepared Foods website; the presentation is given by industry application specialist on the subject of protein ingredients. This is the opportunity to listen to the experienced industry people because we cannot invite them to USM (no budget!). Feel free to listen to any of the presentation. Some of the presentations can be downloaded using Real Player (download the free version). You can even convert it to 3GP format so that you can view it on your handphone!! This is what we call now as mobile learning.

I suggest at least listen to a few presentations below (and the rest I hope you can explore at your convenience):

Understanding the chemistry of protein is essential for food technologist to optimize the functional properties of protein ingredients in food formulation.This video below explains protein denaturation in a simple manner.

If you want to brush up on the basic chemistry of protein, watch these You Tube videos.