Carbohydrate Sweeteners
1.What is sucrose?
Sucrose is a disaccharide of the monosaccharides glucose and fructose.It has historically been the sweetener of choice. Not simply valued for its pleasant, sweet taste, sugar contributes important functionalities, such as browning and fermentation regulation in baked goods, bulk and rich texture in ice cream and jams, viscosity in beverages, and flavor enhancement in sweet and savory products. Sucrose has good solubility, controls crystallization and can improve shelf life.

The Sweetening Power of Polyols
2.What is the function of polyols?
Polyols is a sugar-free sweeteners also known as sugar alcohols or sugar replacers.It has filled a niche in food production for years.
Not only do they provide fewer calories per gram compared to nutritive sugars, they are versatile food additives, serving as humectants, bulking agents and freeze-point depressants.