On this page, I will add some instructions to help you manage the wiki. If you have any questions regarding the wiki (how to do this, how to do that, etc.), feel free to post your question in the discussion section of this wiki page).
  1. When you create a new page, please give a suitable title, but not too long. At the top of the page, please give (i) a title (can use the same title as the page title) and (ii) the name of the person who started the page (we call it "initiator").
  2. When you create a new page, you won't be able to see the link on the left automatically. To make the link to your page appear, click 'edit navigation' (at the end of the menu list on the left). This will open up a page showing the list of all the wiki pages. Click at a point where you want your page link to appear. Type the title of the page, select to highlight it and click 'link' button in the editor tool bar. You should get a box where you can enter the link to your page. Normally the of your page should already appear in the link field. Click OK and save your page. The link to your page should now appear on the menu list on the left.