Hi everybody. This page is meant to compile any resources, online (website, webpage, YouTube) or offline (books, journals, magazines, etc.) relevant to the course. We will build this page together! When you come across any good resources (online/offline), note it down and then come to this page to add the information. Give a brief annotation (description) about the resource. I give one example below.

  • Food Product Design - Online magazine for food and beverage industry news, product features, editorial library, and many more. Under "Features/Column" you will find many useful articles on different types of food ingredients. Often the article is written in less technical way but provide practical information for practicing food technologists. Food Product Design now offers WEBINARS, free online seminars that provide helpful information on topics, research and products. These Webinars are a combination of conference call, web-based visuals and are hosted by a panel of experts. You will find a wealth of information in each Webinar, ranging from marketing techniques, formulation tips and the latest news and science. Additionally, these Webinars are available on demand and can be viewed at your convenience—anytime and anywhere with an Internet connection. Highly recommended for students as well as practicing food technologists! [Link added by Abd Karim Alias].

  • Ice-cream factory- You Tube video showing how ice-cream treats are made. Remember why chocolate is added between the ice-cream and cone? (taught by Dr. Cheng last sem). Lets recall...Chocolate is coated as a barrier between the cone and ice-cream, and also impart flavor(many LOVE chocolate). The barrier enable the cone to remain cryspy (learnt during plasticizer). Fresh cream, Stabilizer:prevent crystallization, Emulsifier: bond with air when whipping, sugar and corn syrup, pasteurization, homoginization: break fat globule for smooth texture, cooled, add vanilla, whippping: turn liquid to soft solid. Enjoy the video! [Yishen Tey]

  • Tofu Factory- Tofu is low in saturated fat and cholesterol free! You Tube video showing how to make flovored tofu. Basically, this is how plain tofu is made. First, soy bean is soaked. Then, crashed into soy milk and pulp, filtered, heated, centrifuged: separate milk and pulp, coagulation tank, where Magnesium Chloride(a type of coagulant) is added, stirred, pressed to squeeze the water out, cut, pasteurizer to kill bacteria.[Yishen Tey]

  • Potato chips factory- I am amazed by the peeling machine, roll and roll! Watch this to know how patato turns into chips (an average 36chips from a potato). How are they showered with salt, and more. [Yishen Tey]