Let me wish you a warm welcome to this course - IMK 221 (Food Ingredients). It is always my intention to explore student-centered learning (SCL) approach to inculcate independent learning skills to my students. Leveraging Web 2.0 tools such Wiki is one of the strategies to realize the SCL. At the very basic, wiki is about doing an activity (project, assignment) collaboratively among members in a group. Wiki is also about sharing - sharing knowledge, information, resources, skills, aspiration, even sharing enthusiasm, happiness and sorrow! I am taking the initiative to start this wiki because I can appreciate the values of collaboration and sharing and I want to promote these values to my dear students. It is my sincere hope that my students will share my ethusiasm and appreciate that this wiki will add value to enhance and enrich their learning experience. The success of this venture is very much depend on your support and participation. On my side, I will give my full commitment to guide you through the exciting journey to learn more about the importance of understanding the science of food ingredients.

Please pay attention to the followings:
  • Please list the individual page in the navigation menu on the left according to alphabetical order.
  • In my tutorial I suggested to click "Open in New Window" when you link the page. Please ignore this suggestion (i.e., don't click "Open in New Window") because I found that it can become very messy because we will get many windows opened when you click the links. May I get your cooperation to "relink" your wiki pages.
  • There's a potential confusion when students start to create new pages with the same name. For example, if 40 students create a page titled "Weekly Lecture Summary", how do you know which one is your page? Therefore, I suggest use your initial + the title of the page. For example, for my page I would give the page title as "AKA-Weekly Lecture Summary" or KARIM-Weekly Lecture Summary".

Tutorials to get you started

Hello everybody! I think most of you are not familiar with wiki (except perhaps wikipidia) and how to use it in learning activities. To give you a headstart, I have prepared video tutorials (maximum 5 minutes each) to show you step-by-step how to create a new wiki page which you can use to add new content and participate in various learning activities throughout the course. Since you will create many pages, it is important to organize your pages and contents systematically.

Watch the following videos in the order given:

For those who have not created any page or still hesitant, I would recommend you watch the tutorials before you start.
NOTE: For best view, click "play in HD" to play the video in high resolution full screen (as shown below).